5 Ways to Destress During COVID-19

We’re just barely halfway through 2020 and what a year it’s been already. The climate is changing. The economy is changing. People are changing. The world seems to be moving towards a massive makeover. All of this is piling more anxiety onto our already stressful daily lives.

Whether good times or bad, it’s vital that you take care of you. In fact, taking care of yourself is essential to being able to assist others—including the animals who need your help now more than ever. That’s why we’ve put together this handy pandemic “the sky is falling” self-care guide to help you wind down while staying animal-friendly.

1. Go Vegan

Perhaps a shameless plug right off the bat, but we’re pretty keen on the whole “vegan” thing and feel that by eating better, your life will get better. It’s not like there’s a lot of excuses for not giving it a shot these days since alternative meat companies  like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods make it super easy to save a cow while you savor a meal. Now we could rattle off a long list of doctors who say vegan is the way to go, but trust your gut. And taste buds. They’ll tell you that foregoing meat and going full speed ahead on a smarter way of eating and living is the first step in taking care of you.

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vegan cooking

 2. Cook & Bake

Okay, that’s really two things, but this is sort of like a piggyback off of the idea of going vegan because we’re obviously thinking that your prepared and baked goods need to be vegan-based. So, here goes: The other day we tried some chocolate chip cookies that everyone would’ve sworn were steeped in real butter and dairy-filled chocolate chips. Yum, right? Well, they weren’t. They tasted better than your grandma’s cookies and they were 100% vegan. From Kroger no less. Not even really homemade, but technically they’re still scratch-made at the store. Either way, delish.

Vegan food is delicious when done right.  Follow the link below for some amazing vegan recipes for eating and living well.

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3. Connect with Family

You have a family, right? Like those two older humans who joined together to create you, or perhaps some siblings that you sort of remember? Maybe even some offspring of your own that you’d like to touch base with. Well, this stay-at-home concept that the coronavirus has implemented in our daily lives actually has a silver lining: You get to be a family again.

Play games. And no, board games aren’t spelled with “bored.” They can be fun. Remember Monopoly? Risk? Clue! That came is so fun. Dust it off and show your kids that life exists outside their smartphones.

Family across the state, country or world? There’s an app for that. It’s called FaceTime or Zoom or the good old fashioned telephone. Or, wait, maybe email or an actual paper letter in an envelope that you put a stamp on. Catch up on life outside your own bubble and that will help you gain perspective, insight, and clarity. Plus, it’s a little micro-escape from your reality. We all need that sometimes.

vegan family


4. Exercise

We’re not saying become a gym rat here and start your own YouTube channel. Exercising to destress can be as simple as 30 minutes of cardio a day, or some light weight lifting if you have the equipment and want to tone up a little. A nice walk around your neighborhood will also do the trick.

Alternatively, Yoga is always a good option. Strengthen both your body and your mind at the same time. Efficiency like that is always a plus.

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5. Garden

You don’t need a green thumb to be a gardener. It’s relatively easy to build your own “salad bar” at home, and then you can have “farm-to-table” in about 30 seconds without all the restaurant price gouging. Bonus points for gardening being a very therapeutic hobby that keeps on giving.

Don’t worry if you don’t already have a garden, because it’s a snap to start one. Whether you have 5 feet or 5 acres to sow the seeds of veggie love, it’s all about prioritizing your wants and needs. We know people who have gardens on their apartment balconies, in a vertical wall in their backyards, in portable wagons for easy toting, and on large plots of land. Gardening is gardening. All that matters is that you’re enjoying it and the eating is good.



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